Artist’s Statement                                     

Concepts:  My work interprets the inherent aesthetics of genetics, microbiology
and physics.  The underlying concepts emanate from multidisciplinary
biomedical experiences and artistic vocation.  Each piece is designed to bring
the artistic aspects of science into everyone’s realm.  Current projects include
the original Diaspora from 75,000BC.  Would androids with Artificial Intelligence
have an appropriate genetic structure and would a metallic alteration, similar to
a genetic mutation in human DNA, create a mutant android?  

sculpture and paintings reflect my technical experience.  My   work has
migrated from the outer body shell (shape) to the genetics establishing the
physical, emotional and behavioral blueprints.   Some of the work captures the
ironic concepts of human beings trying to recreate themselves with technology
--- the development of “humanoids” as the further development of task-
oriented robots into androids and cyborgs.  The series on Android Genomics,
genetic sequencing of androids, should they have any, is one such endeavor.

Media:  I work in a variety of materials, often using multiple materials in any
piece.  Most pieces include metals such as steel, lead, copper or aluminum in
conjunction with one or more of the following: acrylics, polyester resins, digital
imaging.  I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently leading to
occasional cross-fertilization and enrichment amongst the pieces.

Public Art
  • Lakeshore Sculpture Exhibition, Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL
  • Koehnline Museum of Art, Des PLaines, IL
  • Chicago Transit Authority Subway Station, Chicago, IL
  • Counseling Center of Lakeview, Chicago, IL
  •  Lincolnwood Sculpture Park, Lincolnwood, IL
  •  MYMA Sculpture Center, Missouri Valley, IA
  •  Lincoln Park Lake View Art Initiative Sculpture Award, 2007-08
  •  Dixon Elementary School, Chicago, IL
  •  Johnson, Vermont Sculpture Park
  • National Public Radio talk on Genetic Science & Art

Recent Shows & Exhibitions                                    

  • Art Chicago, Prospectus 63 2011,
  • Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, 2011
  • Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL 2011
  • Art on Armitage Gallery, Chicago, IL 2011

  • Art Loop Open, semi-finalist, Chicago, IL 2010
  • Pop-up/tear-down Installation, space 900, Chicago, IL 2010
  • Oakton Community College, Sculpture Invasion, Des Plaines, IL 2010
  • Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Skins, Birmingham, MI 2010
  • Aurora Public Art Commission, Transformations, Aurora, IL 2010
  • Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, HUB:Converging Divergence,      
    Chicago, IL 2009
  •  Baker Arts Center Juried National Exhibit, Liberal, KS  2009
  • Texas National Juried Exhibit, Nacogdoches, TX   2009
  •  Northbrook Public Library, Juried International Exhibit, What's The Big   
    Idea?   2009
  • Lincolnwood, IL Village Hall, Science in Art, Solo Exhibition 2009
  • Aurora Illinois Public Arts Commission, Lost and Found Exhibition  2009
  •  South Haven Michigan Art Center, ¡NOW! Exhibit   2009
  •  Boes Art Gallery, Omaha, NE 2008/09

  • Center for Integrative Science, U. Chicago Art in Science 2008
  •  Griffin Gallery, Chicago IL 2008
  •  Artropolis, The Artists Project, Chicago, IL 2008
  •  New York Hall of Science, NYC (Jurors, Nat'l Academy of Sciences)
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey 2008
  • The Architrouve, Chicago, IL 2008

  • Johnsonese Gallery, Solo Sculpture Exhibition, Chicago, IL 2007
  •  Prairie Title Gallery, Oak Park, IL 2007
  •   Northfield Illinois, Later Impressions (Award)
  •   Black Pearl Gallery, 2006
  •   33 Collective Gallery CORPUS Exhibition 2006
  •   Chicago Cultural Center, Later Impressions Exhibit, 2006/2007
  •   33 Collective Gallery Self-Portrait National Exhibition 2006
  •   Oak Park Art League Spring Show 2006
  •   Cook County Treasurer's Office, Chicago, IL 2006
  •   33 Collective Gallery, UNO Exhibition 2006
  •  South Shore Cultural Center SAN Show 2006   
  •   Gallery 400, Chicago 2005   
  •   Chicago Art Open, Chicago 2007, 2006, 2005
  •  Morpho Gallery, 2006, 2005
  •  Johnsonese Gallery, 2005
  •   33 Collective Gallery Self-Portrait Exhibition 2005
  •  “As Large As Life” - McCormick Place, Chicago 2005
  •   Chicago Cultural Center - SAN Show 2005: Special Award Recipient
  •   Gold Coast Art Fair, Chicago, IL

Grants and Fellowships
  • Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholar 2007 & 2008
  • Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowship in Sculpture. 2006
  • Neighborhood Arts Program Block Grant, Chicago. 2006 & 2007
  • Chicago Artists Assistance Program Grant. 2006 & 2007
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