Peter N. Gray
Metal-i-Genics Studio

About Us
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I express the inherent aesthetics of science.   My extensive travels in
France and Asia bring additional influences.   The art blends the organic
nature of plants and animals with non-objective shapes and forms using
found and new components.   The pieces integrate the various key
structural components of today’s society and pair the materials with unlikely

My artistic mission introduces the public to information in a nontraditional
context so they seek additional knowledge.  The concepts emanate from
multidisciplinary biomedical and artistic training.   Each piece is designed to
bring the artistic aspects of science into the realm of each person to
awaken the inner scientist.  Recent works depict aspects of genographic
migration, genetic structure, and/or antibody action.

I am a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in steel, stainless steel and
bronze.  I also create 2D works that incorporate metal components.  My
large-scale public sculptures are in permanent collections of sculpture
parks and two Chicago public schools, Chicago State University, a CTA
subway station and a UC mini-park.  I also have had long-term exhibits in
the Koehnline Museum of Art, Lincoln Park, the Chicago campus of DePaul
University and the Johnson, Vermont Sculpture Park.

Through my Metal-i-Genics Studio, I also create, design and fabricate steel
interior and exterior design elements, furniture and sculpture stands for
commercial and residential properties.